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Global Imaging Technologies is a distribution company located in the Enchanted Island of Puerto Rico.

Our goal is to provide products that improve the quality life for our customers. To this end we represent the product Graviola extract of Puerto Rico.

Graviola extract of Puerto Rico is manufactured locally by the Majopa Industries Corporation. This corporation was founded with the hope of finding a natural remedy that might help our customers health, without side effects helping to improve the quality of life and provide hope to those in need.

Graviola extract is 100% natural supplement product extracted from Graviola leaves, "Annona Muricata" or soursop that contain a tremendous component name acetogenins. Developed by a team consisting of agronomists, engineers and doctors who specialize in alternative and natural medicine. Our product Graviola extract of Puerto Rico has no preservatives, glycerine, oil or water compared to similar product current in the market.


Our Graviola Trees grow in our forests free of pesticides and environmental toxins, bathed only by rainwater. The leaves of our trees are cultivated with the upmost respect and sensitivity; always being grateful for the gift these trees provide.

For more information you can contact; Global Imaging Technologies San Juan, P.R.
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Majopa Industries Corp
PO Box 1671
Guayama, PR 00785



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